Joseph Rousseau, Associate
Joseph Rousseau is an international, IT minded leader, educated both in the United States and in Europe in the field of information management. He has attained two bachelor degrees and three master degrees while living in five countries.

Joseph is both an experienced business leader and a technological innovator working across diverse industries. He excels at using technology to bring ideas to market and has proven this through projects ranging from the digitalization of processes in the healthcare sector in the Netherlands to overhauling plagiarism detection in higher education to food industry point of sales software.

He is currently helping with software development and IT consulting for rapidly growing startups with $10M in revenue and 100% year-over-year growth, and several large companies across diverse sectors. Joseph also serves in an executive capacity helping to shape the digital strategy of two nonprofits (NABU and Epic Education Foundation).







Brian Perkins, President, Dirigo Strategies

During a thirty year career in the U.S. Coast Guard, Brian served in shipboard and shore-based operational and support positions that included command at sea, joint tours, and Project Officer or Branch Chief for a wide variety of efforts in research, tactics, and strategy.

He led teams and personally drafted numerous doctrine publications on search and rescue, law enforcement, security and coastal warfare. He developed a comprehensive and flexible 30 year Capital Asset Management Plan enabling whole fleet planning for the U.S. Coast Guard.

 At the time of his retirement from the Coast Guard as Chief of Cutter Forces, he was the senior billeted cutterman responsible for platform management and fleet policies governing a fleet of 280 ships and a community of 8,000 cuttermen worldwide.

 Brian holds a B.S. in Marine Science from the U. S. Coast Guard Academy and an MBA with emphasis in Finance and Operations Research from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.  He was awarded a Certificate of Public Leadership from The Brookings Institution.




Warren Soloduk, Associate

Warren Soloduk has been the President of two technology companies with over 30 years of Government and commercial service. His experience includes:   worldwide operations, manufacturing, project management, sales and marketing, and business development for international companies.  He retired from the U.S. Coast Guard as a senior officer after serving two afloat engineering tours (including icebreakers), and from technology and operations roles at Coast Guard Headquarters and the Pentagon.  His final Coast Guard assignment was as a Senior DHS representative at the National Counter Terrorism Center.  

After retirement, Warren worked with In-Q-Tel, the strategic investment firm that serves as a bridge between the U.S. Intelligence Community and venture backed start-up companies, where he managed DIA and DHS investment portfolios. He has held executive positions with advanced technology companies that delivered products, solutions, and services to Government and commercial clients.   After retiring from full-time employment in late 2018, he is currently pursuing a PhD and has been providing consulting services to companies who work with the U.S. Government.

Technical Analysis

Dr. Jack McCready, Associate

​Jack's extensive R&D activities include prototype development across multiple areas including Mobile platforms and applications, Information Management & Decision-Support Systems; Cyber Security; Data Mining/Visualization, Cryptology, SIGINT, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles; Acoustics, Electro-optics, & Infrared Sensors; RADARS; Communications; GPS & AIS Navigational aids; Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, & Explosive Weapons detectors; and biological/invasive species control.

He was worked at all levels of R&D, most recently as the Coast Guard's Director of Strategic Analysis & Development, providing executive level leadership, strategic analysis and forecasting.  

 He has developed partnerships with other government agencies, as well as with industry and academia.  He has written position papers and focused short notice REACTs - Rapid Evaluation of Critical Technologies where a three week deadline is specified.  And he has given numerous presentations and talks.

Our Associates are on contract.  Some of our technical analysts are listed here, and others add talents as needed.  We also have contract relationships with R. J. McGregor and Associates for international trade purposes, overseas marketing, and international business consulting services.  Clients are provided skills appropriate to their industry or products, and efforts are tailored to their size and need.  Let us tailor a focused, low-overhead solution for you.


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​​​Business Consulting, International Sales, Technical Analysis, and Project Support

​Matthew C. Stanley, Associate 
Matt is an acquisition and operations specialist who excels at planning and execution while tracking risk and risk management and ensuring that cost, schedule, and performance goals are met. Matt is a certified DHS Level III Program Manager and a Level II Requirements Manager with a Masters in Quality Systems Management capped by Program Manager for the USCG Heavy Polar Icebreaker Program. He is a retired Coast Guard Captain (O6) with 26 years of decorated rotary aviation and 38 years of total service.  He was a career pilot and the Deputy Chief of Aviation Forces managing the cost, schedule and performance of 10 major aviation programs, all in different lifecycle stages. He provided oversight to 30 subordinate aviation commands, 200 aircraft, $400M of facilities and a workforce of over 4,900 people with an annual program value of $4.5B in the employment of 115,000 flight hours in all weather.